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We must be the change for the world we want to live in

Aggiornamento: 1 dic 2020

Ours views and perspectives of how we want the world we live in changes depending on our ages.

As young kids, boys dreamt of super heroes like hulk and batman and girls as mermaids and Princesses and wishes to see the world like a palace portrayed in Disney and Hollywood movies.

This may sound funny but it's true.

But as we get older and wiser, we realised that the world is not what we thought it could be.

Even though there are lot of goodies like technology and women's right to vote but the odd things surpasses and so to achieve our childhood dreams of that perfect world,

We would want to live in a world were the rights of every child is a priority.

The child that lives in Asia and Africa will have access to education, food and clothing just like the child in Europe and America irrespective of their identity.

We want to live in a world Where we no longer have to wake up to the sound of bombs.

Massacring innocent people, leaving children without their moms.

Where every country is at peace

From Africa to the middle east.

And every one will live at ease

without pressure of risking precious lives in plastic boats across seas.

We want to live in a world Where there are no walls or borders between countries but bridges

So that everyone could move around as they wishes.

Where no country fights about who is the strongest or weakest

And no lives will be insecure over the release of nuclear weapons.

We want to live in a world that is free of corruption.

Where a leader will work not only for himself but the nation.

Where climate change will not be caused by deforestation

And every corner of the earth will be clean and free from pollution

that could endanger our lives and the unborn generation.

We want to live in a world that doesn't know poverty.

Where everyone has their own properties.

Where we can no longer go to bed in hunger.

Because we have money to get ourselves our favourite burger.

We want to to live in a world without discrimination

A world where our racial and religious differences with others isn't an abomination.

A world where we would be judged based on my personal characters rather than our physical descriptions.

We want to live in a world Where women and girls are liberated

Where the hard work and successes of our lovely mothers are celebrated

Where their abilities as good leaders and role models would not be underestimated

Where young girls are not victimized by rape, early marriage or teenage pregnancy but encouraged to be educated.

We can achieve all of these if we want to, Its my responsibility and yours too. Start acting now because changes begins with you.

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