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Sierra Leone

Aggiornamento: 1 dic 2020

Little is known of Sierra Leone

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Little is known of Sierra Leone

and all the good things  we own. 

Natural resources such as  gold

great stories that have not been toold

Rich brown soil and green fields

farms that produces great yield

Our wonderful rivers and beautiful beaches

filled with white sand and sweet fishes

High we exalt thee

Realm of the free 

Great is the love we have for thee

Lion mountain is her name

And for her precious gems she fame

A home of diverse creatures

Ethnic groups with unique cultures.

Despite the numerous challenges

A decade of  civil war and diseases

Flooding and mudslides that brought tears to our faces

But yet we believe in changes

For thy love in our heart we have corrected our errors 

introducing joy where there was  horror

So that your good name shall forever stand 

Long live o native Land.

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