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Eroi Sconosciuti

Aggiornamento: 1 dic 2020

"Unrecognized Heroes"

We once had a home

To call our own, 

With friends and loved ones

now thousand miles away

We sobbed and cried as we tell good bye

for those precious momement can hardly come by. 

Living a beautiful life was our hope

so we dreamt of moving to europe

With a possibility as thin as a rope.

Our carreers and family we forsake

Just for europe sake.

Through borders and desert we strive.

With a drop of water to keep alive

we were like a sheep without a manger

Knowing that every second of our lives was in danger 

Forced to work without pay and if you dare, they pull the trigger

In this modern day we became slaves

some wish for nothing but the grave 

Just like in the days when people lived in caves.

In a war zone we became stuck 

we made up our minds and  say no turning back

Our hearts were prepared for any attack 

For we knew that living to see another day depends on luck

With all the tribulations frustrations and humiliations

Our girls forced into prostitution

yet we never gave up on our missions

To make europe our final destination

Our rough days and sleepless nights were full of dreams of a fairytale

we hope to make it to Italy, France and Germany

And finally have a chance to live in peace and harmony. 

In plastic boats we were chocked up as much as they can

Just like fishes in a sardine can

Irrespective of our religions we prayed for God's mercy

For it was only by his power that we made through that great sea. 

A true Hero is what you are 

We may not be recognized but that's what we are.

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