#WomenMatter, Don't be afraid of their power

Empower them for they are not slaves.

Empower them for they are not for household duties or looking for for their knights in shinning armour.

Empower them for they have egos & ethics.

Empower them for they are the source of multiplication on God's green earth.

Empower them for they scream, bleed consistently & withstand Labour no matter what the issue could be.

Empower them for they take responsibility of pre-natal & post-natal cares and activities involve between them.

Empower them for they are the route of strong foundation to education with the sense of confidence & grace.

Empower them for they are our initial idols & mentors.

Empower them for they are our highly esteem in all ramifications.

Empower them because surrogacy is futile without them.

Empower them for their egoism leads to strong feminism today.

Empower them for their existence made everyone explicitly & implicitly to the modern life and the world as a whole.

Empower them for they sacrifice for us all.

And finally...

Empower them for they are the fulcrum of our lives on earth, that even great persons talk about it both ancient & presence in a millions of ways as "If you educate a man you educate an individual but if you educate a woman you educate whole nation" and many others".
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Basta, basta lasciami andare mi fai male. Non uccidermi, amami, proteggimi, ma non farmi ancora del male. Sento ancora le tue mani addosso che mi fanno male, la tua voce che grida contro di me ed io d