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Cro-Magnon Episode 2

Aggiornamento: 13 feb 2020

What is happening in Tantinga? What has Tantinga done?

Echoing from a distance, a drumbeat can be heard. The drum sounds the message of fear and anxiety. At the end of the drumbeat, Njali, the town crier's voice was explicit; The village chief calls everybody to an emergency meeting in the afternoon at the centre of the village. The message of chief Mbali was clear, every adult and teenager should be at the meeting irrespective of what their plans are for the afternoon. Mansu who was now sitting half-naked on his bed thought to himself ‘'so this is not a meeting of men but women. boys and girls too?, What is happening in Tantinga?, I will soon know'' he nodded his brick-shaped head as if to confirm the reason for an emergency meeting with the chief after the village elders already met.

Mansu puts on his trousers, washes his face and starts walking around his compound. He moves towards the women's hut and suddenly stops with his eyes fixed on one spot. There was total silence, image sequences of horrific imaginations quickly colonized Mansu's mind. Gods! What has Tanginga done?!!! Mansu cries out loudly with tears struggling to leave his eyes. The peace of the morning and the little rest his neighbours were trying to snatch was broken. His two wives rush out of their huts to know what would make a man of Tantinga like Mansu cry out. Mansu tells them not to worry and return to their huts. ‘'I shall go to the farm now after which I will attend this afternoon's meeting'' he tells his two wives. Mansu grabs his cutlass and dashes out of his compound. On his way to the farm, Mansu's mind is still occupied with thoughts. The meeting with the chief, the death of animals, the heatwave. These and many other thoughts paraded Mansu's mind and before he realized it, He had reached his farm. But something is not right. Mansu could not recognise his farm! He goes up and down the length and breadth of the farm but finally confirmed that it was really his farm, this was because of the poorly constructed scarecrow he built on it a week before, but what is Mansu looking at? ‘'Is this a nightmare? , Is this real?''

With tears now running from Mansu's eyes like a baby, he falls on his knees and puts his two hands on his head, ‘'Aliko Duniyaa'' I am finished! He said.

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